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New York, NY, May 16 – On Friday, June 3rd from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., the Permanent Observer Mission of the Holy See Mission, and its co-sponsors, the Path to Peace Foundation, the World Youth Parliament, the Fernando Rielo Foundation, Idente Youth International Association and the Rielo Institute for Integral Development will host an event at United Nations Headquarters in New York, Conference Room 3 (TNLB) in preparation for the United Nations High-level Meeting on Youth and the World Youth Day entitled:
International Year of Youth and the Fernando Rielo Prize for Youth
The event will furnish an opportunity for youth to discuss some of the pressing issues facing young people today, especially the need to protect and promote human life. This award provides a forum for youth participants to express their own convictions, uncontaminated by politics, convenience, fear, or societal or economic pressure, that a “culture of death” threatens not only the most vulnerable human persons, but themselves as well, and indeed, the entire human race and all of creation. The Prize shall consist of a trip to Madrid to attend World Youth Day 2011 and is to be awarded for an essay, a song or a video which expresses these convictions, as well as concrete ways in which they, as youth in the midst of a culture of death, can and do work to serve as beacons of truth and hope to change a culture of death into a culture of life.
For more information about the event and for details about the Fernando Rielo Prize for Youth, please contact the Fernando Rielo Foundation/Idente Youth U.S. National Office at telephone 718-526-3595, or by sending an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
More information about the Permanent Observer of the Holy See Mission to the United Nations is available at, the Path to Peace Foundation at and Idente Youth at (click on World Youth Parliament).


Rev. Jesús Fernández Hernández

President of the Idente Missionaries

The World Youth Parliament (WYP) originated in a Founding Charter drafted on September 8, 1991 by Fernando Rielo, Founder of the Idente Missionaries and of Idente Youth. This tireless apostle hoped that the WYP would in time become a major world forum for young people at which most countries would be represented, especially the least-developed ones. There is a place for all races, all religions, and all human values in the WYP, and all find a welcome within it. Its aim is to enable young people from every background to examine and analyze the subjects which concern them and allow their conclusions and proposals to be heard on a worldwide level in political, social, and religious spheres.

“To attain this end,” Fernando Rielo states in his Founding Charter, “the World Youth Parliament has the specific mission of augmenting the commitment of each young person, in the light of the person’s origin and destiny, along with the commitment of other young people of all creeds, races, and countries, while defending the noblest ideals, including peace, life, unity, and love. In this connection, it proposes the model of unity contained in the parliamentary message for humanity of Christ Himself: for human beings to constitute a mystical unity as He and the Father constitute an absolute unity.”

Young people of different countries and cultures have been working in teams since this World Parliament was created, sharing the best in themselves with their reflections and experiences, and their efforts have borne fruit in the Magna Charta of Values for a New Civilization, a document presented at the United Nations in New York on August 13, 2010 which has prompted enthusiasm in the ecclesial, academic, cultural, and political domains. Its ten basic points deal with the leading problems besetting human beings, and its main purpose is to “construct a new civilization responding to the highest human aspirations and defending man’s lofty dignity while proposing the person of Christ as a model of unity and love.” The reason why the Magna Charta proposes Christ as a model is a recognition of his extraordinary historical personality, which includes all human values, without exception. He brought the new humanism of love and revealed to us the intimate community corresponding to the one God presenting Himself as the Father of humanity.

Many centuries have gone by since men appeared on earth, and they have not managed fully to express what is most stirring, fruitful, and worthwhile in personal life: the awareness that we are children of a Heavenly Father who has brought us into this world out of love. This Father is written with letters of eternal life on the heart of man, of history, and of all languages and cultures. Our existence comes from this heavenly home: “We were born,” Fernando Rielo would repeat, “for heaven.”

Young people of the World Youth Parliament! You are called, by the law of life itself, to write a new page in history, a Magna Charta which your descendants will read in the future, following the legacy you have bequeathed them. For you there must not be nations or races in an exclusive sense, but the unity of human beings in the confluence of life and death. You have a short past, but a long life ahead of you. Consequently, devote this life to what is worth most, which is peace defined by love. Love for God and men was what moved the heart of Fernando Rielo at every point to grasp what the World Youth Parliament should be.

Young friends, never have a narrow sense of borders. Dissolve them through love and friendship, for you are holding the message of authentic modernity and true progress in your hands. After a more or less lengthy period, at times difficult and laborious, may you be able to construct a new World Parliament where the voice of the young may be heard because you have succeeded in listening to the sacred law of human destiny.

Together with courage, audacity, and a measured sense of risk, you wish to make a commitment to the truth of life, and this can be done only through the gift of humility, which is love for truth. Humility and simplicity do not proceed from our capacities, but are gifts infused into your heart which render you an image and likeness of your Heavenly Father. How sublime is humility! It has been possessed by heroes, the great men and women history has given us, and by children.

May your cry or moan always be “Christ, I am thirsty for You that are the Truth.” We believe in man, in Life. Belief, when bereft of love, falls into fanaticism; on the other hand, a love which believes never ends. Love needs no explanation or justification. Let us go to the source: “Let whoever believes in Me come to Me and drink, as the Scripture says, ‘From within him there will flow rivers of living water’” (Jn 7:38). Most people who believe do not know that this fountain resides in their interior.

An effort made through sharing and love, as you have done, is solid and enduring. Let us struggle against individualism, pure selfishness which paralyzes us and makes us incapable of helping others. Be masters of small things, and time, with its felicitous mastery, will tell you the outcome of this Magna Charta.

Young people, love while believing with hope and hope while loving with faith. In this way, faith will be an Olympic torch passing from generation to generation and arousing expectation over the course of centuries.

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Cristo, piedra angular de una nueva civilización


Exposición artística

“La forma de mirar siempre hacia delante con la intención de caminar a la cima de este destino, hace que el sincero deseo de conseguirlo sea cumplimentado por Alguien que no puede nunca defraudarnos”, afirma Fernando Rielo en la Carta fundacional del PUJ.

Para el Parlamento Universal de la Juventud es Cristo quien, con el ejemplo de su vida, ilumina cada uno de los ámbitos donde desarrollamos nuestras relaciones humanas, dando respuesta a todas nuestras inquietudes y colmando nuestras aspiraciones.

Con este fin, el PUJ ha llamado a todos los jóvenes a expresar este mensaje a través de la exposición multimedia "Cristo la piedra angular de una nueva civilización", dentro del programa de Actos Culturales de la JMJ 2011 en Madrid.

La exposición, con sus videos, poesías, escritos, imágenes, fotos, etc. se estructura según los 10 puntos de la Carta Magna del PUJ:

1. La Persona humana abierta a la transcendencia, 2. La familia, 3. Las relaciones interpersonales, 4. La sociedad civil, 5. La política, 6. El trabajo, 7. La economía, 8. Las relaciones educativas, 9. Las redes de comunicación, 10. El medio ambiente

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